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Elvis update

Elvis is now running with the rest of the little herd full time. He got milk up until about 10 weeks of age, as well as being supplemented with good hay and weaner pellets. He still gets weaner pellets as … Continue reading

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The cows – Butterfly

Here’s a little intro to the bovine members of our family. Butterfly was the first cow we got. aka “Butters” for short. Her full name is Djookorba Butterfly. Butterfly is a pig. Well, she’s a cow, but she eats like … Continue reading

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So today I went to check on Hotblack and Jose. Because I am lazy, I decided to take the ute. Then this happened. So I went up the hill to phone for help. Dad was at golf, so Gwenda came … Continue reading

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Hotblack’s calf arrives

Just after Christmas our little 6 month old heifer, Hotblack, surprised us all by coming in season. Not expecting her to be ready to procreate, she was still suckling from Mum! The bull that we had here, Dougall McBrave, was … Continue reading

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