The cows – Dora

We bought Millview Dora Belle two years ago to expand out little herd of three. Dora is a lot shorter, and finer structured than the others. She’s really quite tiny, but is a ‘long legged’ dexter, not a short (I will explain later in another post). She is a de-horned black dexter.

Dora Belle

Dora Belle

When Dora came to us she was pregnant, to Dougall, and she had a heifer calf, who we named Hotblack. She is HB for short. With dexters, each year the calves born in that year are named with a designated letter of the alphabet, which increments every year. G-Zeus was born the year before HB, in the “G” year. Hotblack was born in the “H” year. This year was a “J” year, as the letters “I” and “O” are skipped for some reason. The good thing with this is you can tell the age of a cow by it’s name, simply count up the number of letters from their name to the current naming year. As 2014 is the “K” year, and you skip “I”, that will make Dora seven years old this year.

Dora and Jacaranda

Dora and Jacaranda

Dora challenges Butterfly for Alpha cow, despite her small stature, she will take her on. She is quicker on her feet than Butterfly too, and beats her to the yellow feed buckets.  They used to race for them, but now I think Butters has given up. Dora is a good mother too – indeed they all are really. This year she had another heifer calf, whom we named Jacaranda. Like her older sister HB, Jackie is very friendly and inquisitive. If this is a trait they have inherited from her Dora, then it is one we are pleased to have in the herd.

Dora does not object at all to being milked, but has tiny wee little teats, making it difficult. I do have a small milking machine of sorts, but I think I need to get goat sized cups for it for the smaller cows! If I want to bring any of them in to milk, I have to try and get Dora out of the way, as she will race to the head bale in the knowledge that there will be a bucket with a treat in it for her.


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