So today I went to check on Hotblack and Jose. Because I am lazy, I decided to take the ute.

Then this happened.

Stuck in the mud

Stuck in the mud

So I went up the hill to phone for help. Dad was at golf, so Gwenda came and tried to help me get it out – me on the tractor and her in the ute. Poor Marvin is only a little tractor, and just didn’t seem to have the strength for the job. He’s also pretty old so I was a bit concerned about overworking him.

Marvin. MF35.

Marvin. MF35.

A bigger tractor was needed, so we went and asked John next door to help. He brought his tractor over, we hooked it up to the ute, I drove the ute while he pulled it out of the bog. So it seems part of the problem was that I had managed to stake the back tyre while in the muddy puddle. Completely dead flat. The very lovely John helped us change the flat. So now the ute is waiting for me to wash it on the front lawn, and I have to take the tyre down to Sprocket tomorrow to get fixed.

Partly hooked up and reday to pull out

Partly hooked up and reday to pull out

The moral of the story is – if you don’t want your Dad to find out that you got bogged in exactly the same spot where he said the day before “you will get stuck if you keep driving through there”… Then don’t post pics on Facebook, even though Dad’s not on facebook, a very thoughtful relative rang him to tell him – and mentioned that at least you could tell I had the front hubs locked because of the mud sprayed all up the side!

Hotblack and Jose are fine. He was suckling again.

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